My Story

I’m a Sydney-based Swedish mother and nutritionist who loves great tasting, healthy foods. 

I founded Sprout Nutrition here in Australia, where I source organically grown ingredients not only for my family, and myself but for Sprout Nutrition’s products as well. 

I always recommend to eat real foods, but in this busy world it is sometimes easier said than done... this is where Sprout Nutrition comes in. My goal is to create nutritious snacks for everyone to enjoy, and this starts with KEX (Swedish for crackers).

KEX are a hand made, baked, deliciously seedy cracker!





Why KEX?


Gluten free

paleo friendly

no added sugar

Vegan & vegetarian friendly

no preservatives or additives

KEX are nut and egg free which makes them suitable for school lunch boxes. Anyone with coeliacs disease/wheat intolerances or lactose intolerance can also enjoy KEX. 

These deliciously seedy crackers are great on their own, or accompanied with dips.

Basically KEX are a crunchy snack for goodness sake!

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